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Farm Equipment

PRODUCTS: Petrol / Kerosene - Engines, Petrol / Kerosene - Pumpsets, Diesel Pumpsets

RANGE: 1 to 4 HP, 1.5 to 4 HP, 3.5 to 10 HP

APPLICATIONS / INDUSTRY: Vibrators, Sprayers, Lawn Mowers Power Ploughs, Self Priming Pumps etc.

MANUFACTURED BY: Petrol Engines Unit Gummidipoondi - Tamil Nadu

Automotive Engines

PRODUCTS: Diesel / Gasoline Engines

RANGE: 4.4 to 20 HP


MANUFACTURED BY: Light Engines Unit - I,II,III and IV Aurangabad and Ranipet - Tamil Nadu

Auxiliary Power

PRODUCTS: Gensets Dual Fuel Engines / Gensets

RANGE: 500 VA to 500 KVA Single Unit 750 VA to 2500 KVA in Parallel Running

APPLICATIONS / INDUSTRY: Retail Outlets, Commercial Complexes Hotels Hospitals, Small and Medium Enterprises etc.

MANUFACTURED BY: Diesel Engines Unit, Pune

Construction Equipment

PRODUCTS: Concrete Pumps Concrete Mixers Concrete Batching Plants

RANGE: 35 to 90 cbm / hr 4.6, 7, 9 cbm 30 & 60 cbm/hr

APPLICATIONS / INDUSTRY: Power Projects Ports, Roads High Rise Buildings Bridges and Major Construction Sites RMC Operation

MANUFACTURED BY: Heavy Engineering Unit Thangal and Gummidipoondi I II III & IV, Tamil Nadu

Industrial Engines

PRODUCTS: Diesel Engines

RANGE: 1.4 to 1000 HP

APPLICATIONS / INDUSTRY: Agricultural Equipment Fire Fighting Equipment Mining and Construction Material Handling (Cranes), Forklifts Rail Cars, Road Sweepers, etc.

MANUFACTURED BY: Diese Engines Unit Pune, Maharashtra Light Engines Unit - I,II,III & IV Aurangabad and Ranipet Tamil Nadu Ptrol Engines Unit Gummidipoondi - Tamil Nadu