Acceleration is a way to speed up things & support ably to maintain the momentum, rather increasing it to grow further. At Greaves, we have been living up to this spirit of supporting the livelihoods of people, empowering them to do better & faster with higher productivity through our products & services. It’s in our DNA & we have proudly cultivated this for last 161 years.

We have been a loved brand by the last mile automobile segment, thanks to world class products that are tried & trusted by millions owing to legendary low ownership costs, huge aftermarket assurance, rugged & reliable operations in moving millions of people & tons of cargo every day. Across the globe our products are used to not just prime last mile small commercial 3W automobiles but power various different applications & we have ensured this is true to our purpose of creating a positive change & meaningful difference in lives of people. 

So, when a farmer is able to plough faster, pump more water, reap better or a construction worker relaxes better by finishing his work ahead of time with our engine powered products, we feel its real acceleration in their lives. Greaves engines powered non-automotive small industrial applications have benefitted large section of people from sophisticated large industrial engines powering progress in defense, dairy, telecom, datacenters, airports, hospitals, commercial complexes to other critical jobs with smaller engines across marine, forestry, food processing, street cleaning, municipal applications, orchard farming, rail cutting & much more.

As they say, one size doesn’t fit all & hence our team of expert application engineers & design teams have curated bouquet of engines suiting varied applications. We have wide variety of engines from 1.5 HP to 700 HP, across fuel range & we are happy to be part of providing solutions that drives progress for millions on everyday basis.

It’s this trust & dependability which inspires us to create world class contemporary engines from decades for solving complex human challenges & our team of passionate engineers await your new brief.

Come join us in this unique drive of accelerating businesses worldwide, enroll your requirement with us for engines & leverage from deft expertise crafted for your needs.  Because this is one good way to accelerate recovery in post pandemic new normal life. Presenting the Greaves Business Accelerator program, empowering you to do more, get more & live more.

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